Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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About Come Midnight...

Australia’s smoked-out, psychedelic doom-droners Adrift for Days are back!

Two years after the release of their acclaimed debut album "The Lunar Maria", comes Adrift for Days’ latest meditation; "Come Midnight...", an ambitious, 71-minute concept album that draws influence from Earth, Jimi Hendrix, YOB, The Doors, Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Rosetta and Boris.

On "Come Midnight...", Adrift for Days have retained the smoky, psychedelic, heaviness that they’ve become known for, while also ambitiously expanding their sound. This sprawling album incorporates elements of doom, drone, stoner, sludge, blues, ambience, psychedelic rock, and post-metal. As a result, the album as a whole is hard to pin down to a single style or genre.

For best results, listen while in the throes of a mescalin binge and lost in the pitiless freeze of the desert night air.




About Adrift for Days:

Adrift for Days formed in late 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Their debut album “The Lunar Maria” was released in August 2010 to widespread critical acclaim, gaining attention from Metal Hammer, Heavy Magazine, Unbelievably Bad Magazine, Metal Obsession, Pop-Rock.com, Drum Media, Mind Over Metal, Metal Rules, Music Feeds, Doommantia and many more publications.

The band have further distinguished themselves on Australia’s live circuit, having played with a huge variety of bands including Cough, Rosetta, Acid King, sleepmakeswaves, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Whitehorse, Meniscus, Breaking Orbit, Helm, Lo!, Space Bong, Five Star Prison Cell, Sydonia, Jericco, and Electric Horse.

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