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Bones & Comfort are a power trio formed in 2006 by Daniele. His need to play pure rock and roll without frills is shared by Alberto and Luca.
Bones & Comfort offer a unique blend of rock, blues, stoner trips and southern sounds.
The first live shows brought lots of positive feedback within the rock community. Bones & Comfort progressively developed their sound and at the end of 2008 the band headed into the studio.
After a few months of hard work and entire nights spent mixing, "…in Fat we trust" is completed.
The EP contains five original songs and is fully self-produced. The music reflects the attitude of the band and the tracks are filled with warm distortions, heavy riffs and catchy choruses, which have all become trademarks of the Bones & Comfort sound.

"Mothersheep" was recorded and produced by Luigi Galmozzi at his Morbid Sound Studios. The album contains 9 tracks showcasing Bones & Comfort's live energy, raw guitars and heavy grooves and will be published by GO DOWN RECORDS in 2012.

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"A really great album with some magic in it, hard grooves and nice production...Bones & Comfort the Stoner Army of Milano...try their big stomping new album "Mothersheep"...
...rock on and stay tuned"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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