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The band Lugnoro was founded in late spring of 2007 by bassman Antti Remes and guitarist Emil Rolof, after putting their previous project "The Earth Machine Band" to sleep. The thought was to play some psychadelic, progressive, heavy 70s rock with swedish vocals and a lot of organ. Soon, vocalist Björn Hansson joined and several drummers tried out.

Since things, for different reasons, didn't work out with any drummer, the band decided to record a demo anyway. With Antti (ex-drummer) behind the drums, the bands first EP was recorded in january -08 at the "Vintage Loft" studio with Anders Rane engineering. Antti moved to Finland in may -08 to pursue a career in boat construction. Shortly after, the band recruited Kim Stockfelt (bass), Mikael Edebro (keys) and Carl Baumann (drums). With this constellation the EP "Tellus" was recorded in march -09. Since then the band has gone through a change of bass player, and now filling the spot is Filip Lange.
During 2011 the band has been recording their debut album "Annorstädes", which was released in the spring of 2012 on Ozium Records.

"Lugnoro mix their sound really cool with a organ donor, groovy riffs like the old ancestors from the 7o'ies...Fans of Graveyard, The Operators, Asteroid, Witchcraft, Kadavar will also love this dudes from Göteborg...they kicked ass like Thin Lizzy...give them a chance the get in your earholes...It's good for you!!!"

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