Thursday, March 1, 2012

...da muff...

Stoner Rock
Muffx is an Italian hard rock band from Lecce, Salento (South Italy), founded in 2006 by Luigi Bruno (voice/guitar). In 2007 came out their first record called “SAW THE...” producted by “BEARD OF STARS RECORDS”(Verdena, Ufomammuth, Paul Chain, That’s All Folk..), 1000 copies, that had nice feedbacks by the critic and the pubblic.
 In 2008 MUFFX worked on their second album “SMALL OBSESSIONS” recorded at the SUDESTSTUDIO. This record came out in 2009 produced by Max Ear (OJM) and GO DOWN RECORDS, an Italian indipent label (Gorilla, Dome la Muerte, Not Moving, Small Jackets, Ojm..). This record had a lot of positive feedbacks and the band toured Italy, Swiss and England to promote
Videos are directed by Christian Sabatelli. 

On March 2012 will come out their third record named “EPOQUE” recorded at SUDESTSTUDIO by Stefano Manca, produced by Ill Sun Records and Lobello Records and distribuited by Good-fellas.

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"nice...happy stoner riffs pared with a handfull QOTSA lines...even a band for the radio...
...the sound is nice but the whole concept is not my world...the go down record has the biggest cojones...enjoy it and make your own opinion..."
6 from 10 Stonerpoints