Tuesday, March 13, 2012

...sludge bay area...


SHOTGUN SLUDGE represents alcohol collated Heavy style Southern, Stoner and Sludge based music and they have started to compose faster. From the view of the band members' and audience's eyes, the concerts content strong language and excessive alcohol in the matter of enjoyment and violence; such as the guitarist, Orn's return from the Dimebag Remembering Night concert with broken ribs. The concerts are not suggested to decent people generally. But if you think you are a tough person saying "I won't let go my booze and my smoke, I'll go into mosh pit and pogo" and have taste on Southern, Stoner and Sludge. And if you like Chuck Norris movies, well, these concerts are what you have been waiting for all along. They released their E.P. album, Sludge Made Us Slave, and also a video clip for “Arrest Me” in June 2011. Shotgun Sludge will keep getting your brains into sludge with new stuff.


get fisted here

"...if you like Pantera, Down, Potergeist, Planet of Zeus or Crowbar you will love Shotgun Sludge...really awesome asskicking band. At the first moment you think its Phil Anselmo himself who scream this incredible hardlines. Damn...Shotgun Sludge rules...get punched now!!!"

big thanks to Ersin
8 from 10 Stonerpoints