Sunday, April 8, 2012

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VINCEBUS ERUPTUM is the name of a heavy-psych music magazine from Italy. VE No. 12 contains well written, funny and interesting interviews with Lee Dorrian (frontman of CATHEDRAL), Gabriele Fiori from the one and only BLACK RAINBOWS, ZIPPO, THE FREEKS and many more. As if that wouldn’t be enough there are more than 35 short heavy-psych/stonerrock record reviews (e.g. FANGO, BABY WOODROSE, SUNGRAZER, ELECTRIC MOON,…). Design and Cover by Kaputo again, great art. Attached to this nice lecture there is a real present to all of you stonerheads. 

The “ACID SOUNDS VOL. 1”, released on Vincebus Eruptum Records, is a compilation of 11 songs by 11 different bands.

Core – Mood Disorder
OJM – Har(d)ucks
That’s All Folks! – Hypnotic Pulse
The Freeks – Vitamin D
Tectonic Break – Maria
E.X.P. – DNA Connect Just Like A Kids Tumble
Vic Du Monte’s Persona Non Grata – Man On A Mission
Zippo – Night Jam #2
Colt38 – Amplesso in Dom
Electric Moon – Trip Trip Trip

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