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Firelord start up in Turin in 2007 from the ashes of a Doom Metal project named Saint Judas
founded by Mario E. Bussini few years before. In 2007 Beppe Tozza, Daniele Biffaro and Giulio Buscaglione joined the project. The band plays some covers and a couple of draft tunes heavy influenced by Black Sabbath, Count Raven, Gates of Slumber, Earthride, Saint Vitus and Wino projects, Doom scene, Stoner and Metal until '80s.
Many problems and changes happened to the lineup, until 2011 when get stable with the entrance of bass player Dario Giuva, who joins the project and partecipate to realase of the four tracks recorded in the first Firelord EP "The Burning EP".
2013' lineup is formed by Mario E.Bussini (voice, guitars), Giulio Buscaglione (drums) and Mario
Pappano (bass). The band is in studio writing new tunes for the first full lenght. 


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"Trying to describe firelords music style, I would say it is type of stoner-doom-metal with a footstamping groove and a additional influences of Black Sabbath. After the first song/intro "Among the snakes" "Man of mayhem" sounds more like classic metal with a punch of dirtn'roll, however this one did not impress me that much, but it still rocks! This track is followed by "Black Kommander" which has more uptempo parts in it than the first songs. It made me footwhippin and headbanging. The song "Ghost Of Eymerich" is a doomful groover which lasts over 11 minutes. At first the song comes slow and hard, but at 6.30 the tempo speeds up. The solo is a classic one which gives you a short view back into the 70's...Black Sabbath fans will totally like it! "Road to hell"continues the direction with some cool bassparts and deep guitars. "Werewolf" starts with a classic horror movie sample and goes into a straight rocking tune. The midtempo and raw voices make this song to one of my favorite songs on this debut. Finally follows the Sabbath cover "Children of the Grave"which is faster than the original. When you listen trough it and you know who's song it is...but with the voice of singer Mario Bussini  create a dirt'n'roll tribute to Black Sabbath....very very well! Last but not least, Among the snakes part II completes the album. This song is also more a bit more uptempo and heavy. The dirty voice adds up to a coherent foot masher..."

Guest Review: ALEX FUCHS (Dutch&European Stoner Rock)

 8 from 10 Stonerheadpoint

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