Monday, June 16, 2014

...Tape Session again...


In the fall of 2012, Lansing Michigan metal rockers The Swill was formed from current and past members of Wastelander, Harbinger, Borrowed Time, Ghost Tower, Trouble, Solace and Bert. Recording sessions began in winter of 2013 resulting in the Thirst For Misery EP. Engineered, recorded and produced by Kevin Kitchel and Matt Preston. 

"The tape recorder is moving and the of my cabinets are wobbling. The Swill is rocking my living room and i'm sure my neighbors also have some fun with this. The short tape has a lot in it and brings me in a old known mood of old dirty metal,beer and motorcycles. The super group has a lot of experience and this you can hear on this album. At all it makes fun but it's not really my kind of music but i'm sure there are enough lovers of this music out there. Check them and like it on their social network sites. "

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