Thursday, June 26, 2014

...hyne trough the elements...


"Hyne" from Hamburg have reloaded their stoner - rock gravity gun to shoot out their new release "ELEMENTS" This record is full of great arranged tracks, well mixed sound quality and a thoughtful concept. Behind the scenes this five likeable German dude's know that from nothing comes nothing so they do it differently. They rehearse a lot, play every show, promote their things and work on their own being to transform and get better. After i heard this album i was absolutely convinced that their development phase is over now. "Hyne" are complete and powerful like they never were before.

The opener "The Engine" proves that directly at the beginning.
The vocals are heavy and powerful and fit perfect to the free vocal slots of the rhythm guitar. Also the solo is well placed and not over pumped. 
With a winning first riff the second song "Beneath the Radar" starts and spreads loads of good feelings. Sometimes it reminds me on a mix of "Orange Goblin", "Cojones" and a cup of "Hainloose" which is only well meant from my side. The next awesome song is called "Elements" and comes with an old school 70ies riffing accompanied by cozy soft guitars and muddy driving drums. The refrain is well to hear so this song is definitely one of my favorites on this piece of shiny plastic.

With "Western Circus" a short instrumental break relaxes the whole and brings some differences with it. 
"Dead Man" at first rolls slowly and builds up a smooth psychedelic mood with some wah wah and phaser on the guitar. Also a good song which fits perfect into this giant playlist of "Hyne". Also outstanding is the track "Pieces of the Universe" which reminds me a bit at "Truckfighters" with a vocal style of Glen Danzig(at least at the beginning), what a mix! With "Elbsand" i have reached the end of this record and i have to say that the album has positively surprised me. 
For me the band has evolved like a strong pokemon. Now they are finished and have found their way together as a band.
After a hard way they have deserved it to have a place in this scene.
Thumb up!!


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8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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