Sunday, July 13, 2014

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I 'm going to tell you a story about a guy named "Hans" He always believed in music as a true music enthusiast and what he does has a soul and character.  After a yearlong acting with Samsara Blues Experiment, 2013 he started with "Rodeo Drive" as a new Project. Mixed and mastered by Richard Behrens also known from the sound of "Kadavar's" live sound and by "Heat" who did the bass.
 "Rodeo Drive" has a very simple but well rocking material on their disc which  proves us good songwriting skills. A true and not overproduced sound escorts every single song. You can't ignore the classic stoner rock attitude and with a lot of psychedelic parts and great solos it never becomes boring.. The vocals are very minimalistic and so the band conveys more like a  "jam atmosphere".
Also the bass sound works very well and so it's not a surprise that the band comes with some cool openers on several tracks. 
Song's like "The Void, Stoner of Mass Destruction, Poultry Bro, Earth Dark Diseases and "Snuff Eater" is great stuff for the Stonerheads out there.
All stuff of Rodeo Drive, Samsara Blues Experiment, Heat,Dunst etc you can order directly from Electric Magic or via bandcamp, follow the link below.



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