Wednesday, July 9, 2014 the garden of ivyl!!!


Straight from Trevisio, Italy the power constilation of Andrea, Paolo and Diego release their third full lenght concept album named "I Ate Of The Plant And It Was Good" and it is directly conected to their forerunners "Docile" (2011) and "Love Is Blood" (2012). 
"They thought they were playing stoner, but people actually say they don't..." is their description quote on the genre line on facebook. That's right because it's not only simple Stoner Rock but high quality varied rock music with a interesting mix out of progressive rock parts, slower doom parts and driven portion hard rock and in the end there are also some stoner rock influences.

 I saw them at the Freak Valley Festival and i was really impressed by this nice guys from Italy. At the drive home from the festival i had the possibility to listen to their album accurate and had a lot of fun with this.
Song's like "Deeper Than Deep", "Ohcysprotom" and "Hang Glider" show the whole spectrum of their skills. Exactly this is what makes the band unique. They create their own sound and so they distinguish to all the other bands in this genre. I'm really happy about this discovery on the main stage at freak valley. The live show had a huge pressure and the progressive parts reminded me stromg on the band "TOOL", with a good feeling on stage and a great performance which they played and a  great set.  So they could impressed a lot of the people i think. 
You also have the honor to get your own copy of the Ivy Row. Check out their available records and merchandise on their sites.


8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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