Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Sad but true i have to make a few announcements, but first of all i want to pronounce an enormous big and rocking "THANK YOU" to all of my fans, followers and bands out there. Also to my helpers Christina, Michele, Martin, Florian, Sebastian, Dave. Without your support my blog wouldn't have reached the level which it has today. But now to the bad part....
I won't be able to do review work any longer after beginning of 2015. The reason is very simple. Things go very well with my regular work in the hospital, the band "Sativa Root" and the Fant Costume Guitar shop, so i want to focus all my energy to this three, for me very important things. Anyway your always welcome to send me your records, but as i said before i will not find the time to write reviews the next time. I hope that i can appease you if i say that i won't give up review writing for my whole life and i will let you know as soon as possible when the time is ready for some new cock rocking reviews. I wish you Guys and Ladies all the best for the future and keep rocking on and believe in your music.

Your Stonerhead

Bill White(Bushfire):
" Respect sir!!! you definitely open the doors to new fans for BUSHFIRE and we respect that dearly. thank you for your time and effort for all the bands i checked out because of you! you will always RAWK!!! KISSES..BF and me!"

Lucas Klaukien (Sludgelord)
Good luck and much success to you in the future Stonerhead!

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