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RADIO HAZE was found to be only a studio-project in the beginning, but since their self-produced EP „Vitamin R“ (Fall 2007) the guys are on their way to place a spark in every rock `n rollers heart out there. With two brothers as their rhythm section and a creative mind at the front, the rock power-trio is absolutely fit to let those sparks become a hellfire that burns down every stage Michael Hofmann (Drums/Vocs), Robert Hofmann (Bass/Vocs) and Philipp Janoske (Guitar/Vocs) from Abensberg in Bavaria enter - no matter if they play loud or even unplugged.
With legends like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin in their heads and a mixture of Wolfmother and Foo Fighters in their ears, the guys give Rock of the 60s and 70s a dropkick into presence!
Following their first EP, they release two longplayers called „Mycelium“ and „The Growth“ - also by themselves - to cope with their huge creative output. The fact that they are working single-handedly gives them the freedom to develop their own style and to differ from other bands in the genre.
To confirm their variety they even trip into acoustic-psychedelic regions and record the “Psychoustic-Sessions” EP, which is solely available as an affectionately-designed 10” vinyl package.
In the meantime RADIO HAZE cause quite a stir in the whole of Bavaria and under all age audiences while playing support-shows for Rock-legends like Uriah Heep and Ten Years After or „newcomers“ like Graveyard and The Brew (UK). These experiences give the creative impuls and also the starting signal for the work on their new album „Momentum“, which is recorded live and once again produced at home - of course DIY.
The result is quite a blast, convincing even Berklee-academic Will Robertson as a course-related project within bassist Hubi’s studies. On 05/02/2014 everybody can take a trip back to a time when the boys of dogtown turned the skateboard scene inside out and guitar-riffs ruled the world, but without disregarding the accomplishments in rock-music during the last decades. A bow before the history of ROCK.


"What's to say about this record? These guys are definitely good songwriters. For a DIY album it sounds amazing and it could also be a thing of interest beyond the stoner rock scene. Song's like "Blame the Moonlight" or "Let Me Taste Your Light" are very Radio friendly material. But otherwise tracks like "Ignition", "Wasteland" and "The Night She Shot Me Down" are great played song's in different rhythms and a lot of good feeling parts. The voice reminds me sometimes on the singer of "Placebo" or the dude of the "Arctic Monkeys" who is not my favorite type of vocals but it fits perfectly to the whole band and gives the music the last kick. At the whole end "Radio Haze" have done a real good job. Thumb up for this work!

Text: Stonerhead

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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