Sunday, January 1, 2012

...a doomy new year...

Noma Records

The new Aathma album: "Decline... Towers of silence". It´s a concept album which revolves around the Towers of Silence, funerary structures used by the followers of the prophet Zoroaster. According to their beliefs, human cadavers are impure and should not contaminate the earth. For this reason they are moved to the Towers of Silence so that the vultures may devour their flesh and the sun can bleach their bones until they are dust. But the progress spiral in which we currently find ourselves is hopelessly disturbing this civilization, as these ancestral constructions are being absorbed by the big cities. The problem is aggravated by the near total extinction of the vultures that formerly carried out that purifying task. And this is, in band´s own opinion, a metaphor for the real fate of human beings: self-destruction.

“Decline... Towers of silence” was recorded and mixed by Carlos Santos (Hamlet, Adrift, Toundra...) at Sadman Studios in Madrid. Mastering has been carried out by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, who has previously worked with bands such as Opeth and Enslaved.
This second album´s released by a brand new independent labael, Noma Records.

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 "Decline... Towers of silence"
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"Decline... Towers of silence is a powerful album with a great concept line...straight dark with a dusty atmosphere. The sound on this album is strictly perfect, clear sound and a grateful bass.
Since the first hearing I'm a big Aatma fan...and if you like ass kicking doom like Horn of Rhino, Weedeater, Wiht... you will love Aatma and this great album...enjoy it, visit gigs and buy merch...keep on rockin"

Thanks to Juan
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