Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Persil Booking
proudly presents
(Seattle, Usa - Important, Holy Mountain Records)

The return of Seattle's masters of progressive - psychedelic metal to the old continent,
with a new monumental record by the name of Stratospheria Cubensis.
Lesbian brutalize your ears early on and then sporadically across the record, but it seems the focus here is on slowly,
surely guiding the album into something decidedly more introspective, technical and psychedelic by the time the needle lifts.
It’s an album that shows what Lesbian are capable of and the truly unique viewpoint they have on heavy music.
 It’s as if Stratospheria Cubensis is an exercise in restraint and purpose for the band as they intelligently fuse style and experimentation.
It’s an album brimming with ingenuity, depth and mastery.
Leave the bong—drop out of life with this record in hand.
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Featuring ex members of

Labels   http://www.holymountain.com; http://www.importantrecords.comMyspace  http://www.myspace.com/lesbianwitch
Bandcamp   lesbian.bandcamp.com  (new record entirely available for streaming)
New Record : " Stratospheria Cubensis " Important Records 2011

"Stratospheria Cubensis picks up where 2007''s Power Hor (Holy Mountain) left off.
The album takes the band and listener on a darker and more elaborate optimisitc prog-doom journey,
each track telling an epic pychedelic story using myriad genres, styles, and timbres.
Seldon Hunt''s impressive artwork richly supports the albums themes that the band describes simply as "mushrooms in the sky with diamonds."

Recorded and Mixed at London Bridge and Aleph Studios Seattle by Randall Dunn (Master Musicians of Bukkake - Earth - Boris - Sunn O))))
Mastered by Mell Dettmer at Sinister Kitchen

Live @ Roadburn - Tilburg, NL (2008)

Thanks to Mike from Persil Booking for this great band and if you want write him!!!