Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...meet buddha...

Buddha Sentenza
Stoner Rock/Psychedelic

They began in November 2008, her musical outpourings of adding structure and following the aspect of woe, the informal, open and spontaneous music-making, still cultivated and made an integral part of their program. Their sound that is both modern rockbands (Stoner-space-grunge) and by the sounds of older guitar psychonauts (of Pink Floyd via Black Sabbath to Motorhead) influenced. Due to the diverse instrumentation and the use of digital sounds they weave a flying carpet of sound, on which you settle down and relax for a moment before one can be in the next moment takes on an exciting journey into uncharted realms.

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"A giant first album, the second hopefuly with a bit more power and heaviness and they will get 2 more Stonerpoints. "Kehakeeltekool" and  "Ride With The Devil" are my favourite songs on this album, now its time to enjoy this shit on your own four rooms!!!"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints