Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Happy New Year! Let’s start the year with something uplifting. The upcoming Baby Woodrose album is almost ready and now has a release date: April 16th. Below is a comment Lorenzo Woodrose wrote about the album recently on the BW website: http://www.babywoodrose.wordpress.com

“I have now recorded the basic tracks for 13 new songs in my favourite Black Tornado studio with technician Anders “Evil Jebus” Onsberg and plan on spending the next three weeks over Christmas and into the new year finishing an album which will be titled Third Eye Surgery, for release by Bad Afro in April 2012. Most of the songs deal with a concept of unreality/fantasy – which of course does not make it a concept album as such, it’s just that I like to write a new batch of lyrics circling around a loose theme. There’s no storyline, but an inspiration from the fact that a massive dose of the schedule 1 illegal drug Dimethyl Tryptamine probably shoots from our pineal gland the second we are born and die as well as every night when we dream. Traces of this highly psychoactive drug can be found in pretty much any plant or mammal on the planet. It is also one of the two main ingredients in Ayahuasca, which has been used for centuries by Amazon tribes as a psychotropic religious sacrament.
The album will most certainly include the totally spaced out title track as well as another one called Bullshit Detector, which is in a very similar mind melting style. There’s a cute and melancholic psych pop duet with Emma Acs called Dandelion, a harsh and metallic comment on the state of the world called Waiting For The War, some fuzz & farfisa sounds on Down To The Bottom, some jangly 12 string bliss on Nothing Is Real. A few other songs, like the typical garage blast of Bubblegum will probably not make the final track list, as it simply differs too much in style. It would have fit perfectly on the previous album though. I have also let go of a song called Salvia Pull, which didn’t really work out at all. A shame as I really liked the lyric. I’m still considering Light Up Your Mind though, which is an attempt at writing a lyrically uplifting major chord song, something I always have to force myself to do, but I’m not completely convinced that it will fit in with the very spacey sounds of the central songs.
We still have some work to do, recording all the fun stuff – effects, backing vocals, lead guitars and coloring the tracks with acoustic elements like sitar, tanpura, glockenspiel – but the deadline is mid January, so basically while the rest of the western world is still curing their new years hangover, we’ll be mixing the seventh Baby Woodrose studio album. I have asked Kiryk Drewinski, who also did the Mindblowing Seeds artwork, to come up with something cool again this time and the drafts I’ve seen look amazing, so by now I’m pretty confident that no one will be dissapointed by the finished package.”
 - Lorenzo Woodrose -