Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...sludge russia...

Cosmonauts Day

 Cosmonauts Day from Moscow released theyr first full length album "Paths of the Restless" on November 15th, about a half a year after theyr first EP "Live Demos"
They describe theyr music as post-metal/progressive sludge...and i think thats a really good describe,
because this dudes are really genius .

Krasen - bass
Chekan - guitars
Dima - guitars
Nikita - guitars
get it here
Paths of the Restless album is available for free download via bandcamp.

"Paths of the Restless is a energy full beast of an album with really genius artwork.
The whole album is a post-sludge masterpiece, the search has his end...here are COSMONAUTS DAY...enjoy it"

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