Monday, December 5, 2011

...acid farmer productions presents...

Acid Milk Soup from a project born in the cellar, with no defined line to improvise 
to create something by chance, in the middle of 2011.
The power trio consists of Marco Errede(vocals and guitar)
Enrico Palmieri (bass and vocals), Stefano Riggio (drums)
The texts doesn't speak only of social disadvantage (Scraps) 
but also of brave night (Charas Cat),  inner tsunami (Dried & Kern).  
The genre is undefined, but it sounds oscillates from  
Tool to the grave sound of Kyuss Stoner, through the Grunge.
Remember 3 appearances to date, the CSC Cantiere (debut), to Defrag (with Waterproof & Othe) and finally the physics faculty of the University of Rome (with Muro del Canto).

get the first song for free here 

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