Sunday, December 11, 2011

Propofol Angels and Scott Hills Brother?

Sedated Angel have, since the release of their previous album "Far Beyond Repair", achieved a status as one of the leading bands in their part of the rock genre. Due to the overwhelming interest Sedated Angel released the EP "Dirty Goin' Down"

With their different approach to the genre they have created yet another release of the highest quality After the release of their previous album, "Far Beyond Repair, " which received great critical acclaim, Sedated Angel have played more than 60 concerts and toured both Denmark and Germany. It is therefore a strong and well-playing band, who are ready to tour with their new album "Dirty Goin 'Down".Sedated Angel puts on a must-see, sublime live performance! Backed-up with live psychedelic projector shows that fills the stage with diverse visual effects, thus adding to the spectacular energy-filled performances. They cut no corners and gives it all when it comes to presenting their unforgettable concerts. Sedated Angel keeps the audience on the edge and takes them through a highly entertaining show.
The band consists of experienced musicians with a long gig history. Rhythms are heavy, in your face, and played with exceptional energy! The music has surprising original changes, up-tempo riffs and psychedelic parts that will blow your mind, leaving you thirsty for more! The songs are written by the closely-knitted Daniel and Christian; both guitar players that sing lead and possess an ever-present connection whilst performing. Lyrics are written by Christian, Daniel and Iversen, with a past of human tragedy, drugs, life and death as points of reference (Dirty Goin' Down, Drug Shovel, Takin' It All, etc...).

The musical inspiration comes from such names as: Fu Manchu, Clutch, Nebula, Kyuss and Mondo Generator. They have created their own no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, raw rock ear candy. Yummy

Sedated Angel is part of a bigger collaboration with roots in WATERPUNK PRODUCTIONS. A collaboration, working for more originality and towards more open-minded ideas and projects.

Christian Christensen: Vocal/Guitar 
Daniel Kristensen: Vocal/Guitar
Tommy Iversen: Bass/Backing Vocals 
Tommy Skouboe: Drums/Backing Vocals 
Nicolai Niemann: VJ


4 playful songs and a true classic stoner style, its strongly reminiscent of the old FU Manchu Stuff, the voice is strongly reminiscent of Scott Hill in some parts on the album, but thats no problem, this band has big balls and they know how these balls has to roll.
Enjoy it...
7 from 10 Stonerpoints

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