Saturday, December 17, 2011

...stoner on the front....


Starting in april 2008, the STONERFRONT NIJMEGEN originally found itself in ever changing line-ups. And though many things were uncertain, one thing was not, the aural path which was to be followed. That being stoner, with flagship outfits the likes of Kyuss and Monster Magnet (their old stuff) as guiding lights. After the release of three tracks ('Supercar', 'World of Geeks' and '299.80') plus a performance at the zomerfeesten in Nijmegen (Holland), Peter Dragt (Bambix, Emperors) and Remco Verweij (Starfish, Barbarella) deceided it was time to put things in gear and unleash the front in the form of an instrumental powertrio. In John Munnich they found the bassplayer that they were looking for. The soulfull monolithic riffs, kick ass drumparts and tight bottom-end sprinkeled with tasty samples should be sufficient to take listeners on a testosterone trip. Make no bones about it! Stoner's the word we're looking for. Whilst originality is a thing which is put on the backburner.
During the first weekend of april 2012 Stonerfront Nijmegen will record their first Ep/7 inch in the famous Void studio in Eindhoven.

Drums: Peter Dragt
Bas: John Munnich
Gitaar: Remco Verweij

"First sign of a brilliant live instrumental band
CoolGrooves come straight from Nijmen / Hollan, this makes good retro stoner dudes with big blues influenced riffs and licks.Enjoy the first song on the following link

 get it here
Thank to Peter
7 from 10 Stonerpoints