Monday, April 14, 2014

...I've lost the moon...

Lost Moon
Stoner/Psych Rock

Guest Review from Billy Goate of Doomed & Stoned

Lost Moon is a heavy stoner “tribal” band that originated in the 90’s with brothers Stefano and Pierluigi Paolucci, on guitars/vocals and drums, respectively. At the present review, they are a four-piece joined on bass by Adolfo Calandro, with Francesco Panarese providing percussions. Based in Rome, Italy, ‘Lost Moon’ have put out a number of albums over the years including Lost Moon (2002) and this was followed by ‘King of Dogs’ (2008).Their third record is ‘Tales From The Sun’ (2013), Lost Moon’s first release on the label Ozium Records, and will be the subject of this review. In the future, we can expect a new album later in 2014 on Lost Moon’s new label, Karma Conspiracy Records. Now, on to ‘Tales From the Sun’ 
 From the 8-track EP, three of my favorite songs were “Ransom,” “Lay Your Hands Down on Me,” and the title track, “Tales From The Sun.” All of them could achieve mainstream radio play, with a sound that is tight, focused, and pleasingly heavy. Play the title track and several things will jump out and grab you: first, the unusually strong rhythm of the bass/drums (this is where the “tribal” comes in); second, the vocals are pleasantly reminiscent of John Garcia (Vista Chino); third, the guitar whips up a storm of stoner influences from Kyuss to Dozer. This is music you take with you on a road trip or to the gym. Lost Moon’s driving beat, up-tempo guitars, and bright vocals are best appreciated on the go—and if you’re sitting still, you’ll want to be moving when you hear the hard-hitting beat the band has become known for. One other piece of advice: turn it up….LOUD. You can’t appreciate Lost Moon’s ‘Tales From The Sun’ at low volumes!


8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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