Friday, April 18, 2014

...driven by doom...

Stoner/Prog Rock

These stoner prog dudes, how they call themselves, come from the rough north. Rough as these canadian guys is also their sound of fuzz-loaded grooving heaviness. So lean back and blow yourself apart with „Pslip“ the first full length track, mixed with some nice stoner as well as doom stuff. First of all great artwork. Casey McKinley, well done! The opener „Pslip in“. A short track which exactly does what it ought to: Increase attention. Fluid transition into „Little Smoke“. Interesting mix between rythm based stoner riffs and atmospheric wide-sound parts. 
The voice in between reminded me in a way of some 80's power metal stuff - Pretty heroic character which you also find on some riffs. „Control Folly“ has a great beginning. Especially the second part is really damn cool. Accentuated riffs and cool tempo switches, in between some rolling voice-parts which bring back the stoner vibe. Besides, they also return to this killer-riff at the beginning. Well done! „100“. The First part is really cool but then it gets more slowly and also quieter, which is not everyone's taste. Still, there's this 80's power metal influence. 
Nice solo in the middle or maybe more in the end. Oh yeah „Psquigalogz“ starts with some mighty in-your-face-riffing. It's rolling, it sounds pretty damn fat and will encourage you to roll another one. Best song so far. „Into nothing“. Stoner Punk with some heavy mid-tempo riffs which have potential to cause some kind of eargasms. Recognition value on this one. 
„Smoke filled room“. The beginning has some post rock elements which are getting destroyed directly afterwards by some evil guitar riffs and some vocals on it. Then it's about returning from those evil-big-balls-style to more melodic stuff and backwards...flowing switches but a bit too melodic for my taste. Finally we get to the longest track. „Pseptember“ An innovative piece of 9 minutes. A nice slow-down track which brings some new stoner/doom characteristics into it. „Pslip out“. A psychedelic instrumental closing track of 2 minutes which ends the record. All in all a great band with it's own style to check out. You can invest your time worse than listening to this. 


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8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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