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Holy Shit!

The band is raised on metal, punk rock and all kinds of distortion but the main inspiration comes from the rusty old truck in Steven Spielberg´s 1971 duel.

The second EP by Swedish scrapyard rockers Shit the Cow called „Salt of the earth“ has just be released. Since last year´s „volume/cow“ the band has recruited two new members: Erik Rosenberg and Robin Lindqvist.

Shit the cow is based in Stockholm but „Salt of the earth“ is recordet in Gula Viljan studio in the small village of Rissna far in the northern woods of Sweden. The recording took place over one intense weekend in the middle of July, interrupted only by a thunder storm and ridiculous amounts of grilled beef.

The first track rolls away like it should be... awesome riffs with a fucked up, but clear voice and nice bass Vibrations let the Stonerhearts beat higher. The Drums pushes the Song to the right way and really inspired me already from the first second.

A pretty cool opener for this EP, and for sure a candy for every Stonerhead.
There is no sample Stuff or something, they let the gasoline directly flow as hard as they can.
And yes they can!
„The Decline of Wester Civilization“ is my favorite track on this record.
The Crew sounds more like american rock, then we, or I'm used to Swedish Stuff.

If you are searching for similar Bands like all the Masterblasters we already know from this Country, this will not be what you expect from Shit the Cow, it is a completly different style.
The second Track is the same scheme but has already this punky touch.
Number three sounds slow deep and hard, with nice riffs and strange melodies, dirty Vocals fuck up the Track the right way.

The last Track is completly different and should show that punk is not dead i think.
It is a brew of the sound they still have with more punk or ska influences.
All Tracks have this punk touch, but this one seems to be an omage on punk.
The whole EP sounds garage rock like, not even my taste, but on the other hand like good old punk core stuff mixed up with a fist full of Stoner Stuff.

The EP is really short and hard to describe and / or evaluate for me. I really like the first Track, if every track would burn like this, i would love this baby and the score would be much higher, but there is too much punk in the other Songs for me.

But for sure it is every time a question of taste, so check em out!


get it here

6 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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