Friday, August 9, 2013

...bloody eyes...


Founded in november 2002, 
the band’s initial lineup was Alberto volcals, Faze drums, Jacopo bass and Andrea guitar. 
In june 2003 the band recorded the first demo, “Part of an audiolesionist”. 
In december Jacopo Left the band and Dux joined in... 
With this formation Bleeding Eyes performed many shows, and in December 2004 Recorded at BadRum Studio their second effort “No God!”. 
In 2005 Bleeding Eyes started promoting the album, playing shows in all Italy; 
That summer they even played at METALCAMP in Slovenia with Slayer, Anthrax, Soulfly, Obituary and many more... 
In november Bleeding Eyes went on their first European Tour, reaching Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Swiss, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria. 
At this point Bleeding Eyes’s sound started changing towards Sludge, Rock, Stoner. 
In April 2006 a new four song EP presented the new sound. 
In January 2007 Tez (ex Timothy) joined the band and Alberto left. 
With this formation Bleeding Eyes composed a new album that was released in May 2008 and was Mastered by STEVE AUSTIN (Today Is The Day). 
In May 2009 Bleeding Eyes went on a Second European Tour supporting The Orange Man Theory... 
In March 2010 Jay joined the band replacing Andrea on guitar. 
In summer 2010 Bleeding Eyes played at Disintegrate Your Ignorance Fest with CROWBAR, Black Cobra, Sourvein, Weedeater, Doomraiser, Zippo and many more... 
Bleeding Eyes’s sound changed again adding a more Psychedelic sound to the good old Stoner, Sludge. 
Developing this new sound and experimenting more and more to find the ultimate chemistry in the band Faze, Dux, Tez and Jay decided to look for a second guitarist. 
After months of search in September 2011 Jeffrey (ex Slowdown) joined in giving birth to BLEEDING EYES (The Ultimate Formation).


"Dark and fat tunes with a hardcore attitude...rare and pure straight from Italy.
The whole concept works great with the cover and the music. They create a own world of atmospheric ambient sound and break the clouds with their full and downtuned sound...Bleeding Eyes are a fresh wind in the Doom/Sludge scene...Great first album, you should try it!!!"

8 from 10 Stonerpoints

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