Monday, August 19, 2013

...into the Void!!!


What a nice hot weekend, what a cool and well mixed lineup, what a great festival...The Void Fest 2013 was a blast and I and Martin enjoy this great moments a lot. The whole festival was organised very well and all was so smooth and relaxed.

SOUND: 7/10
STAGE: 8/10
FOOD: 5/10

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoints


On friday the german band CARRION MOTHER acted as opener...Unfortunately I missed this band because the traffic on the highway prevented me...but TORSO I could already enjoy, the guys from vienna despite tremendous heat they do a really nice job.

More and more people filled the ground and Elin and their loyal companions from Blues Pills
rocked with the finest seventies sound, the people was enthusiastic...
...followed by almost equivalent psychedelic tones from THE FLYING EYE'S...some new song's adorned the setlist and all enjoyed the spectacle. One of the absolute highlights for me were clearly OMEGA MASSIF...I know the right convincing already from the cd but it was never so convincingly but live it was a burner, what a wall of sound, aggressive, powerful and very creative song structures.
What a great first day...after some great song's of the VOID DJ the first day was done and the people fueled new energy for the next day...unfortunately that did not everybody, till 6 in the morning  catastrophic music (50 Cent, Eifel 65 or someother mainstream fuck) from a very drunken dude and his shitty i annoying situation for many guests because that's exactly that what no body want to hear on such an festival( should not drink and bake!!!)
Saturday morning and the sun shines through the forest...the ambience of the VOID Fest was really beautiful and peaceful...something struck we opened the first beer to STONEHENGE and like on the Desert Fest the impressed me again#, this great mix of funk, stoner and the accompaniment of the organ sounds very well to me. 

HEAT the super group consisting of Samsaras Blues Experiment,Grandloom and
Asassinations rocks like a tornado and the whole crowd shake their beards and hair,what a show!
 With DxBxSx  the mood changed to pure party and the members were celebrated
not really to my taste but quite a good live band. 
Now after 4 missed show's i finally saw one of my favourite band's ASTEROID pure and raw on this great stage, open air and after "Supernova" i totaly freaked out, absolutely one of the greatest moments on this festival and also backstage this swedish guy's made a good mood to the people.
The earth shook and the grass began to sprout, MARS RED SKY
enchanted with an energetic show, from the beginning to the bitter end of a brilliant performance.
An attraction to the other...SGT.SUNSHINE
...yes read correctly SGT.SUNSHINE after 8 year's stage abstinence they play especially for Dominik (The dude who organize all) and also for me it's a absolute present to see them after a long time live again on stage. A really impressing and powerful concert what they play with all the fuzzy hit's of their first album and some other from the last was a blast and a big moment for all visitors. 
DOWNFALL OF GAIA pulled me the last energy reserves, with their brutal and fast music they was to exhausting for this late hours...DJ MAMMUT (Ex bass player of Kadavar) spoiled us with the finest tracks from the late sixties to the current creme de la creme song's, after some more beer's and some dance sessions I went into the tent and listened cozy to that...a nice
restful sleep was possible.

Big thank's to Dominik and the whole VOID-CREW to keep the spirit of this scene alive!!!

The entire festival was very successful, enough people, good mood, cold beer and a great live sound...all what we need for us to feel comfortable...See you next year...stay fuzzy!!!