Monday, August 26, 2013

...los asteroide is back again!!!

Argentinia/Buenos Aires

Los Asteroide is an instrumental psychedelic stoner rock band, they sound like a diverse Radio Moscow if they themselves were an instrumental band. By diverse, I mean they have a great balance between the slow psych parts and their fuzzed out heavier riffs even within one song. 
Although it doesn’t quite reach the level of heaviness that bands like Sonic Flower or Karma to Burn have, Los Asteroide definitely stands out among these other bands because of this balance. Los Asteroide hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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"I'm proud to show you this great band from Argentinia, maybe they can replace the compatriots LOS NATAS and now they are the first adresse for a stoner rock band in Argentinia...Since the demo record i really listen periodically to their music, it's a very organic and muddy music with a lot of solos and licks...the riffs are mostly simple but
structures contain good and work well with the entire band...especialy the new record
is bursting with a lot of energy and flowerful sounds...check them out, like them on facebook and go to their show's because it's good for you!!!"

9 from 10 Stonerheadpoint

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