Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Jem and Jace are DEAD. They are awesome. Most bands are awful but not DEAD, they’re awesome. It’s spelled in capitals ‘cos there are only four letters and you have to make them count.
There are 8,000,000 bands in the world and if you managed to discover this one in that great big pile of mediocrity you have done very well for yourself. Read on to discover just how well.
Most people don’t “get” DEAD, but then most people are idiots. Actually, most people would not even have a clue who DEAD are. But even if they did, they would not “get it.” What a bunch of losers man! They are missing out.

It’s 2012 and you don’t need to be told what the band sound like. The internet can tell you that. You don’t even have to buy the record when it comes out. You can just download it and say that you own it. The important thing is that they look incredible.

DEAD make their own merch and run their own label (WeEmptyRooms). You can get specially made DEAD T-shirts, hoodies, patches, tea towels, undies, pillow cases and even more. Because you’re not a real punk band unless you got stuff to sell with your name on it.

And DEAD are TOTALLY a punk band! 

We Empty Rooms 

 Strange Shit...here

"It's not everyone's style...it's rough, hard, dirty,crazy, weird...i think they also want to be that...they make their own thing and that's the own important thing...my absolutely favourite and only song "Of All the People i Hate...alternate ending" you can hear it on "Thundraaaaaah!" loud and uncensored...do it"

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