Thursday, February 16, 2012

...doom solo...


The maze of roots songs started coming slowly in the end of 2008 i demoed the songs fought with hardware and slowly got the s/t EP done in mid 2009,
Maze of Roots do another demo later that year and the second EP last autumn. For now maze of roots is on ice,they  trying to get a proper doom metal line together with this great drummer,
still lacking the bass player at the time but non the less we will record a tree or four song demo the coming spring.

You can order some stuff here

" Maze of Roots is slow...dark and really ugly...this is one of the darkest kind of doom...the down tempo and the eternal preaching is permanently the same...Earthen Castle is a little bit more melodic and have more structure...even you will love it or you don't want to hear it...find it out"

5 from 10 Doompoints