Wednesday, February 15, 2012

...familia grande...


Banda de la Muerte is an independent band from Argentina, part of the steadily gathering
 strength South American Sludge movement. They're playing a blend of stoner, rock and
hardcore punk traits, influenced by the music of the 90's.

“In late 2008 the quartet conquered the stage with the force of their disgruntled riffs, base that
sounds like it’s drawn from the city rubble, chopping and crushing your guts and provoking
furious headbanging. Far from any label, Banda de la Muerte start their own tour de force
and are doing it with ease”
“Playing each note with reckless abandon, the band tears it up with its Latin flair and pushes
the boundaries of metal. Stoner rock grooves seep through the harrowing fist of doom as
hardcore punk attitude uppercuts you in the jaw.”

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"This guys have a big influence of bands like...Natas, Los Natas, Buffalo, Condor or Hielo Negro.
With their great groovy riffs and the awesome language its simply not the same...they have created their own sound and that can you feel. Put the volume to the max and rock with BANDA DE LA MUERTE...because its good for you"

7 from 10 Stonerpoints