Thursday, September 12, 2013

...mighty western feelings from chango...

Stoner Rock / Stoner Metal

This is the proof, that Austria is in a real boom stadium of Stoner - like Bands. An Austrian Trio from Ebensee, attacks the world with his imposing music. The CD SCHNEEBLIND from 20012, recorded at the “Sunset Studio – Mallorca” kicks ass!!

Sure, it is an exotic way, to do lyrics in Austrian / German language. Especially for this kind of music. But that was the thing that really fixed me on! Text fragments that entered my ears like a meditation.. for example: “es duad no oiwei weh....” ; “duad glei neamma weh...”; “und dann is` nur nu sche... “, repeated again and again and.... AGAIN... are very artistically, but memorable too!

The Music:

SCHNEEBLIND contains 5 tracks. The most of them in a length of over 5 minutes. From the first track on, there is a high voltage energy, that crosses the whole production. Good mixed instruments and high audio produced. The Style first goes to Stoner Metal, then takes a ride to a bit of Alternative, than back to Stoner Rock and at least a kind of Psychedelic and Doom. Really a good mix I think!


The Songs:

01 Der Florist. The first track shows the whole range of the band. With a cool main riff that bangs your head!

02 Schneeblind takes the listener into the Austrian Alps, onto snowed hills.. or in your own frozen soul, a heart like a white mountain... aaah.. it really inspires me!! :-D

03 S'Weda... The shortest and maybe the weakest track on the CD. The short Guitar solo at the end was the best part for me on this track.

04 Phantomschmerz is the hardest track on the CD. Too bad I couldn't understand the lyrics.. :D but the music goes from a half time played riff into a triplet part and contains exciting breaks and stuff.

05 Liab - starts softly and slow. Like a sweet dream. It's a little psychedelic style on this track. For this reason i really like that song. Doom style played riffs and cool bass parts. The hard end is a good way to close the Album.

So, if you can tolerate the native Austrian language and the mantra kind of sound from CHANGO -SCHNEEBLIND, please give a ear to this band. It's really worth to listen to!!

text by BAM BAM

8 from 10 Stonerheadpoints

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