Monday, June 13, 2011

...Sludge the World...

A nice event last weekend, Earthship (GER), Red Fang (USA), Intronaut (USA), The Ocean (GER), Horny lineup, small location, major sound, cool stage effects. a successful night from beginning to the end.
Thanks to the organizers and the bands.

The Bandnames have a myspace link and the other little words are also very special linked.
 Sludgy big sound from Germany/Berlin, i know them before, live harder than on record.
i've buyed a very special Limited LP Exit Eden in Specialart vicryl.
Red Fang 
Funny Dudes from California, Smooth Guitar Sounds, a fucking old Telecaster screams like a sick bird and the Rock is rollin. I think the Best Gig on this Event.
 Cool riffing from Los Angeles, Post-Harcore with experimental parts an loopsounds.
Extremly smooth Bassline, i really like  this Bassist, the drummer is also a technical hero.
The Guitars plays good stuff, but i think it's not a live band, to much effects, delays, not really possible to play it without a shitysound.

The Ocean
The Ghost....hmmm, very nice Parts but i think it's not my Style. The Singer to Soft but great Sound and a cool Stageshow, very emotional shit.
 feel the spooky Hardcore here


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  1. Thanks for this post, red fang is awsome, i don't know them before, lg gerry(swiss)